Proposition 19

One group whose ears will perk up at this opportunity is homeowners age 55+.

If you are a senior, retiree or older homeowner who feels trapped in a home that no longer fits your needs, I can help you move to a new home without incurring an increase in property tax.*

All thanks to Prop 19.

*Purchasing a more expensive home will result in an adjusted tax increase based on the original property's Prop 13 tax basis.

And trust us ... that's a HUGE amount of people in our lovely California.

2.2 million homeowners age 55+ haven't moved since 1999.

3.2 million homeowners age 55+ haven't moved since 2009.

57% of CA homeowners in 2019 qualify to save on property taxes this year because of Prop 19.

Jeffrey Hallin
Jeffrey Hallin
Sales Associate
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